Hermülheim is home for me since 1997 .As a "Colonian" by choice I had all fears about everything beyond the border of Klettenberg. "They" still got their hay forck in their closets and only speak rural  "Koelsch" which words a non-redneck will never grasp...Noooo!. All wrong. Meanwhile I can tell you the difference between a hay forck and a shovel the stork really shows up seldomly above my house and I still cannot  pronounce my words in "Koelsch", all attempts to do so are doomed. So you have to live with my "Hochdeutsch", though it might have some Duesseldorf accent due to my fathers origin. But: even when I remain rather quiet (they say that happens every 100 years) & when I mutter the right words for carneval (Alaaf!?) everything works out just fine.   Respectfull like all Huerth-Hermuelheimers they clap me on my shoulder and easen my  agony. No other person than the (legendary) Rudi Tonn (former mayor of Huerh) called me "Jung" ("Chap") and when I think of that  I turn all red (really!) and see, yeah that is my home, here is where I belong!